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6 Things You Need to Bring While Camping With a Baby

Camping season is in full force! And if you're camping with a baby, there's a lot more to think about when planning. We have taken all of our kids camping as babies and have learned a few things along the way. We are hoping we can help you have an easier time camping with your baby by telling you some of our favorite things!

Must-Haves for Camping With a Baby

1. Wearable Sleeping Bag 

This is the only way my babies will sleep while camping. We didn't have one with my first two kids and sleeping while camping was a struggle. There were multiple times that my husband or I ended sleeping in the car with our baby because we didn't want to wake up any one else in our tent. The first night we tried this sleeping bag with our third child she slept all the way through the night. It was amazing!

2. Baby Carrier

This is necessary if you are going to do any hiking while camping with your baby. I use my Ergo carrier for my little babies. Once they are around 6 months I move them to my Osprey Poco. Usually I attach some sort of toy so they have something to play with.

3. Portable White Noise Machine

My kids always sleep better with white noise so this is a must when we leave. It also helps drown out the noises you get in a tent or trailer from the whole family moving in their sleeping bags along with other noises they aren't used to at home. 

4. Pack and Play

This is what my babies (and toddlers) sleep in while we're camping. it keeps them safe and gives me a place to put them while I'm getting the other kids ready for bed. 

5. Blanket

Bring a blanket that you don't care about getting dirty. Set your baby down and let them play and explore. We love this one


6. Sun Protection

Sunscreen and a sun hat. We love this sun hat for girls and this one for boys. Keep those babies protected from the sun because sunburned babies aren't fun. 


We hope you have a blast camping with your little babies!

-Blue Spruce Co

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