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Camping With Kids - Staying Warm While Camping

Fall is one of our favorite times to go outdoors - but it's hard to stay warm while camping! I love seeing the changing colors of the leaves and the smells of the forest during fall are the best. The days aren't miserably hot like summer but nights can get chilly! Here are some tips for camping with kids and how to keep your kids warm while camping in the cold.

Staying Warm While Camping:

1. Little Mo Sleeping Bags. Its not a secret that we love these little mo wearable sleeping bags! Our 1 year old and 4 year old have never slept better while camping. I also love that they are AAP approved for safe sleeping. I don't have to worry about them through the night!

2. Beanies. Personally my ears are always one of the first things to get cold. If there is a chance of cold weather, I always make sure I pack my kids' beanies to keep them warm during the day and night.

3. Base layers. We typically double up on pajamas if its going to be cold. I choose a snug fitting long sleeve/pants/socks for the bottom layer and fleece pajamas for the top layer. 

4. Down Blanket. These pack down smaller but provide lots of warmth!

5. Warm up their sleeping bags. We always bring hand warmers for spring and falls camping. When its really cold at night we use the hand warmers to warm them and their sleeping bags using hand warmers. *Disclaimer- these can be unsafe to fall asleep with so we take them out of their sleeping bags before my husband and I fall asleep. 

6. Get a tent heater. We use a Tent Buddy to warm up the tent before we fall asleep and when we wake up. 

Another thing we love is hot breakfast in the morning. Nothing is worse than trying to eat cold cereal in freezing weather!

I hope these tips help you have a better experience camping while the nights are chilly.

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