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Tips For Camping With Kids

Here at Blue Spruce Co we are all about camping with kids. While it can be hard it is 100% worth it! We have taken our kids camping since they were babies, our oldest is five now. That means we've been camping anytime between little babies to potty training. I love how much my kids have grown to enjoy the outdoors! Whenever we aren't camping they are asking when our next trip is! After our last camping trip my son was mad we came home, because he still had clean clothes left to wear. 

My first tip is to not worry about how messy they are going to get. Embrace the dirtiness and know that they are having fun and making memories. But bring A LOT of wet wipes and some extra clothes! 

Another tip is to let them help. I give my kids small jobs that they can do according to their ages. While packing I have them pack their own bags and sleeping bags. I usually have to check their bags but they love being able to choose the clothes they will wear. My five year old actually packed his bag on our last trip by himself! I didn't check it and was nervous he forgot stuff but he did great! While they are packing I have to guide them by telling them how many shirts, pants, and so on. When we get to camp, they help out with setting up. While camping, at dinner time I give them different jobs to help with prep. They usually love to help! 

We also love to bring sand toys, trucks, and bikes. That way they have something to play with when we are sitting around camp. It helps to keep them entertained. 

Sleeping is the hardest part of camping for me. I have a portable white noise machine that I turn on during the night. This helps the kids so they don't wake each other up when one of them is up crying. We also bring hand or foot warmers to put in the kids' sleeping bags to help warm it up before they fall asleep. It helps to have them sleep in something with a hood or bring a beanie to keep their ears warm. 

Don't forget to have fun! Let things go because camping with little ones can be hard but equally fun. Just relax and enjoy the beauty around you! Let them explore and use their creativity, we are always surprised with things they find!

Let us know what some of your tips are for camping with toddlers!


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